Alex PictureI am Director of System Change at Teach For All, a global network of 35 education programmes  stretching from Chile to Bulgaria, India to the US. I currently direct our policy efforts with regards whole system reform in education, whether at the school, local or national level. My expertise includes education management, project management, human capital development, innovation and public and private sector support.

When not working directly with educators, I like to explore the possibilities of open education and open information. I am involved in projects with the European Commission, to develop a vision for school education in the year 2030, Ashoka as part of their Changemaker Schools initiative, and Teach First, as part of the policy panel that meets regularly with the Secretary of State for Education. I’m also part of the team running Think Tank Review. My blog covers these and other social and cultural interests.

Before moving into policy, I taught English in a secondary school in South London and gained my MA (distinction) at the Institute of Education. In the more distant past I studied modern languages at Cambridge University, living in Barcelona and Paris.

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  1. Justin Blake says:

    Dear Alex,

    Thank you for connecting via LinkedIn. It is great to see via LinkedIn that you know some of the people I partnering with. This blog / website content is fantastic. Well done!

    After years in the state sector I am now seeking to bring some positive influence in the independent sector through shaping policy making and whole school cultures in service of society and am keen to connect with likeminded thinkers who share similar values / DNA.

    In recognition of our work we gained the Independent School of the Year for our social innovation and pioneering partnership work. One of our initiatives is A Force For Good which we launched with the Minister For The Cabinet. Part of this is aimed at fast tracking talented emerging leaders into strategic positions of positive influence in society. You can see some of our work via my LinkedIn profile.

    I really like the work and projects you are involved in and am keen to connect to see if we can join any dots and if there is any synergy to explore. Where are you based and are you free to have an initial conversation on the phone this Wednesday morning please?

    I am based in Sussex and am in London for meetings this Weds and have some free time to fix a call.

    Look forward to connecting and having a conversation.

    Best wishes,


  2. Phil Arnold says:

    Thank you for the call with the states today. It would be good to talk about some system change issues in the UK please, based on the research that’s come out of the Achieve Together programme.

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