Stop Press! The Learning Revolution

You might have noticed a hiatus in the blog. Prosaically, I’d suffered the wordpress blank screen of death. More excitingly, I’ve been working on a book proposal, provisionally entitled The Learning Revolution. And (as long as I get it written. Fingers crossed) it will be published by the incredible Weidenfeld & Nicolson, an imprint of Orion and part of the Hachette empire (who recently published Henry Marsh’s brilliant and unflinching story of life as a brain surgeon Do No Harm). The book will be out in Spring 2018, probably with a new title, and there’ll be German, Japanese, Korean and Romanian versions too. Here’s a picture of me from the Lutyens & Rubenstein (my wonderful, deal-making, cigar-chomping agents) catalogue at the London Book Fair, looking very proud.

Learning Revolution


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