• Alex has worked in education for a decade. After starting out as an English teacher in a London comprehensive, he completed his MA at the Institute of Education before joining Teach For All, a growing network of independent organizations working to ensure that all children fulfil their potential. He is fortunate to spend his time travelling the world in search of the practices that will shape the future of learning and has written about his experiences for the Independent, Guardian, Financial Times and Wired. His book Natural Born Learners is a user's guide to transforming learning in the twenty-first century, taking readers on a dazzling global tour into the future of education, from Silicon Valley to Seoul, Helsinki to Hounslow.
















  • Writing

    Selected articles


    China wants to be the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. To get there, it's reinventing the way children are taught


    If we could understand how the infant mind develops, it might help every child reach their full potential. But seeing them as learning machines is not the answer

    Financial Times

    “Schooling is not the same as learning,” wrote the authors of the World Bank’s World Development Report for 2018, the first of its kind to be devoted entirely to education

    Economist Intelligence Unit

    I spoke to the Economist Intelligence Unit about how our schools can do more to prepare children for the rapid changes they will experience during their lifetimes

    Open Education Europa

    Along with Jacob Kestner, I wrote an essay for the European Commission about how in the year 2030 students will continue to go to the school down the road; they’ll begin to go to the school in the cloud.

  • Speaking



    Events coming up



    Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 14th

    WeWork Festival, Kent, August 18th

    Shambala Festival, Northants, August 25th

    World Bank, Belgrade, September 18th

    Wigtown Book Festival, Scotland, September 23rd

    Ashoka, Istanbul, September 27th

    How To Academy, London, October 4th

    Wimbledon Book Festival, London, October 6th

    TEDx Youth, Manchester, November 7th

    OEB, Berlin, December 7th



    Recent appearances



    5x15 at Wilderness Festival, August 5th

    The Future of Learning, Swansea University, July 17th

    Ways With Words, July 15th

    Learning Revolution, York Festival of Ideas, June 6th

    On Creativity, Hay Festival, May 30th

    Every Child, Hay Festival, May 29th

    Centenary Lecture, Swansea University, April 18th

    5x15, London, April 16th

  • Reviews

    Praise for Natural Born Learners


    'A manual on how to successfully grow a kid’s brain' (Ruby Wax, Author of FRAZZLED)

    'One of the most optimistic, thought-provoking, and ambitious educational books of recent years' (Geoff Barton, TIMES EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT)

    'Readers should accompany Beard on his travels,
    because after myriad engaging anecdotes and encounters, he arrives at conclusions with universal relevance' (Miranda Green FINANCIAL TIMES)

    'A timely and passionate book on the need for a global educational renaissance' (Jane Shilling MAIL ON SUNDAY)

    'Wide-ranging, often humorous, and consistently fascinating' (Stephanie Cross THE LADY)


    'Fascinating' (Fiona Millar GUARDIAN)

    'Vital and vitalising, this is an incredibly important book' (Owen Sheers, METRO)


    'Really excellent' (Philip Pullman, Author, on an extract in the GUARDIAN)


  • Work

    I'm currently setting up the Global Learning Lab at Teach For All

    Teach For All is a growing global network of independent organizations working on six continents to grow the capacity of teachers, school leaders and policymakers to ensure that all children fulfil their potential.


    The Global Learning Lab will be launched in 2018 to facilitate, capture and spread learning and innovations in system-level and classroom-level progress, both both within our global network and beyond.